It’s been emotional…

by Timothy Masters on August 26, 2015

Well, after many years, posts, positive/angry comments and opinions, it looks as though Bet123 is no more, and this is our last interaction as writer and reader on these terms. It’s always hard to be happy when something you’ve enjoyed comes to an end, but there are times when life gives you roses, and others when it is massive, consecutive piles of guano on your doorstep, and you have to treat both with acceptance. To everyone who read our work over the years, this is a sincere thank you, as eventually that’s all most writers want, and apologies to those who will miss our regular output.

I’d like to tell you there will be more of this kind of sports-writing coming your way from Bet123 Towers or the company elsewhere, but the reality of modern journalism means that probably won’t be the case. I’d like to tell you we’ll be back here, but that’s also not likely, so it’s goodbye, farewell, and adieu to those few of you left, and thanks again. It was fun while it lasted, although it could have been so much more.

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