Dana International eyeing second Eurovision win

by Bet123 on April 14, 2011

Dana International has admitted that she let her manager persuade her to go on Eurovision 2011.

The transsexual singer represented Israel in 1998 and stormed to glory with her track ‘Diva’. This was the third time that her nation had won the contest, following up successes in 1978 and 1979.

Her performance 13 years ago was controversial, with many orthodox Jews and conservatives criticising her representing Israel. This merely meant her success took on a new dimension and proved to be one of the most defining moments in Eurovision history.

This time around, Dana is more realistic about her chances, saying: “Unlike in 1998, this time I intend to represent my country, but also myself.

“Of course I hope for the best result and a nice place in the top, but I always remind myself it’s just a game and I wish to enjoy it much more.”

Current polls suggest that Dana’s track ‘Ding Dong’ will finish 15th overall, a mere shadow of her barnstorming success on the Birmingham stage in the late Nineties. However, she is philosophical, saying that it is the show, not the song, which often determines the winner.

This may rub salt in the wounds of Eurovision purists but recent events bear this out and those looking to bet on Eurovision 2011 should remember this.

She continued: “In 2008, Sweden had an excellent song, which should have won. The only problem was that the singer looked like an alien, with all that botox. That was the reason she finished 18th.”

Dana put on a magnificent show 13 years ago and she will be sporting a unique Jean-Paul Gaultier number once again. This is guaranteed to give her an edge in the fashion stakes so don’t back against this cheeky outsider, particularly one who has already been here and done it.