Xfactor Danyl knocked off top spot

by Bet123 on October 26, 2009

What a difference a week makes.  What on earth happened laast night in X Factor?

We saw a couple of mediocre entertainers gain more votes than not only the sensational Miss Frank, but also the favourite to win Danyl Johnson.  Is the apathy of the British people really doing an disservice to these hopefuls?  I think so.

Simon refused to ‘blame’ the press, and I think in this case he was right to, I believe that people didn’t vote for Danyl as they saw him as a sure fire winner.  Miss Frank on the other hand, whilst putting on a great performance on Saturday’s show, really didn’t do anything to keep them in the competition last night.  I don’t think Miss Frank had the quality to reach the final, and had to go at some stage.

Whilst writing I have to have another rant, this time directed at Cheryl Cole, who in my opinion put Danyl’s future right in the balance, by not selecting to keep him in and forcing the public vote to decide.  One can appreciate Louis’ loyalty to his band, there is no reason at all for this ‘judge’ not to make certain Danyl’s future, especially when you have to realise that the public vote couldn’t be trusted (as it put them in the final two).

Danyl’s appearance in the bottom two last week, has meant the bookies have moved away from him slightly as the overall winner, instead opting  for Joe McElderry.  Not only that, but Danyl is not now the least favourite to be evicted next week, with Lucy, Stacy, Oli as well as Joe, all seeming to be safe.

Here are the odds for next week’s evictee:

The best odds for the winner of the X Factor are now:

One thing that is fairly certain, is that poor old Louis hasn’t got much hope of winning this year’s X Factor with Miss Frank’s departure, which was his only real contender albeit outside.  Will the twins manage to hang in another week? there’s every chance that this week’s fiasco with the public vote, will spur on the voters to ensure a credible act stays in this week.

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