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Free Tips from the bookies? Isn’t that a bit like Turkeys voting for Christmas?
turkeyWell, yes it is in one sense – No bookie wants to lose money by giving away winners to all and sundry, but what they DO want to do is get you betting..

If you win a tenner from one of their free tips, they know that you’re quite likely to stick with them and bet on a regular basis – even if it’s cost them a few quid to get you in the door.

There are literally thousands of Tipsters out there, all eager to give you their latest “hot tips”, normally “straight from the horses mouth” – But who can you trust, and should you pay for their services? Below are a few of the Bookies’ tipster services that we have actually tried out and would recommend. Best of all – you don’t have to pay for them – They’re totally free!

Which bookies offer free tips, and are they actually any good?
It seems that more and more bookies are investing in “tipsters” nowadays, from well known sports stars and journalists to the general public. To help you separate the good from the bad, we’ve reviewed a number of them here at Bet123:

fredLOGOBetfred – Betfred don’t have a star name or big presenter doing a weekly blog or providing tips for the big races, but that’s not to say you’re short changed from these bookmakers.

Instead, what Betfred have is a lot of interactive racecards, where you can view which horses are competing and study the form yourself. For a bit of extra help, there’s also…
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PADDYLOGOPaddy Power – Paddy and his team have an expert in the shape of At The Races pundit Matt Chapman providing a weekly blog for the big races, where he shares his fancies and does all he can to “smash Paddy”.

Although often searching for value, it has to be said…
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stanLOGOStan James – Some bookies have star names writing weekly blogs with their thoughts and you don’t get that with StanJames, but you do get plenty to help you find a winner.

The national papers are always well supported with regards to their selections and on the StanJames website, you’ll see that they show which horse is being tipped by which paper for each race in the UK…
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stanLOGOCoral – Usually posted by a man called David Metcalf, Coral put up several tips a day and will always give some excellent insights into the race.

There’s plenty of winners to be found here as well and only recently, Metcalf managed to find the winner of the Cesarewwitch at Newmarket, which is seen by many as the toughest race of the year to pick as there’s so many runners and the betting is usually wide open.
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skybetLOGOSkybet – SkyBet are of course in partnership with Sky Sports, so as you can imagine, there’s plenty of expert tipping and opinions from some top presenters and former sportsmen and women.

In the world of Horse Racing, Sky Sports News HQ presenter Alex Hammond is on hand to give out her daily selections. Alex’s “Tip of the Day” is live every morning and it’s…
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willhillLOGOWilliam Hill – William Hill are one of the leading bookies for the services they provide in regards to tipping.

The main way to get their latest free tips and news, as well as live commentary on each race in the UK is to listen to William Hill Radio, which is available free of charge on…
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888LOGO888sport – Channel 4 presenter Emma Spencer is the one providing daily tips and big race previews. Spencer will give two or three selections each day depending on the number of meetings and she does have a good record.

She will often select a couple of well-fancied runners, then give an each-way shout or two as well and it’s all…
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stanLOGOBetfair – Betfair have some of the best info available and a whole host of names giving you their thoughts.

One of the world’s best jockeys, Ryan Moore, has a blog where he gives his honest thoughts on his rides for the day and even if he doesn’t think he’s on the best horse, he’ll tell you the one he thinks they all have to beat.

As well as Moore offering his thoughts, Top trainer Paul Nicholls has a blog during the National Hunt season…
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Why use a Tipster service?
The main reason to get tips from a tipster is of course to try and gain an advantage over the average punter using guesswork and intuition to place their bets. Quite often trainers and stables have insider information that a particular horse is being trained specifically to win a particular race. Of course, if you know this, and the average punter doesn’t, then the odds on that horse will be longer than they otherwise would be, and in the long-term, you should win more often that you would otherwise.

And that is the key to using Tipsters – Remember that they will not correctly pick every single winner, but good tips will help you pick more winners than the average punter – The odds of you picking a winner at random from an eight horse race are just 12.5%, so if you can have a strike rate of just 25%, you’ll be doing twice as well as the average punter. The key is of course that over time you profit from having more winners (and less losers) than the average person, who loses his money 87.5% of the time.

Should I pay for a Tipster service?
Before the Internet, the only way to get Horse Betting Tips or football betting tips was to subscribe to a mailing list for a few hundred pounds a year, or to ring up a Premium Rate phone number for the latest tips. Indeed, if you pick up a copy of the Racing Post, you’ll find loads of ads in there for Tipsters, all eager to get their hands on your money.

Of course, if you get a good tipster, with a decent strike rate, then it’s probably worth paying for their tips, as you should be winning often enough to ensure the tips are paying for themselves. Many people question “If they know so much, why don’t they just place the bets themselves?” For the most successful of Tipsters, it’s normally because the bookies are so aware of them that they are either banned from betting with them, or their stakes are capped so much to prevent them from continually beating the bookies.

Most tipsters make more money from selling their horse betting tips than they do from betting on their own tips, but (for the good ones at least), that’s only because their betting is restricted. The key thing is always to look at the success rate, and most importantly, the return of your betting (are they just tipping evens favourites? They’re probably just blagging).

And of course, in these days of Internet Betting, you no longer need to pay for a good tipping service. By following some of the “experts” employed by the bookies, you can get the very best tips (and some bloody awful ones too!), and all without spending any money on paying the tipster.

Why would Tipsters give out free tips?
Quite often, the best tipsters give out a few tips for free, and then hold back their best tips for people who pay (i.e. the Free Tips help people see they’re a good tipster and worth paying for). There are also some websites who are paid by the bookies themselves to give out free tips. These include Football Betting Tips and Dog Betting tips.

Why would the bookies do this?
Because they know that the average punter is not as disciplined as the tipsters themselves. they know that if a tipster says “This horse has a fair to good chance of winning, Place £15 e/w”, quite a few people will get greedy and put £20 e/w, or an extra £10 to win. If this horse were to then fall, then the tipster would have already factored that chance into his stake, whereas the punter will blame “a bad tip” and probably bet the remainder of his funds on some long-shot to try and win back the money lost.

When people think methodically, the bookies lose out. Thankfully for the bookies, most people let their heart (and greed) rule their head.

Will the bookies ban me?
That’s very unlikely, unless you are really betting heavily (and winning) at the same bookie – Try and have accounts with quite a few bookmakers, and try to use Betfair Exchange where possible. Remember, even with one of the best tipsters, you’re going to lose money 60% of the time (It’s the odds on those 40% that give you your overall profit), and if that 40% will be shared around 5-10 different bookies, then they’ll have no problem taking your money one month and giving it back to you the next.