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Premiership Title Odds

by Bet123 on December 5, 2008


The English Premier League is the primary football competition in the country. The FA Premier League was founded in February 1992 by the break away from the Football League of the top 20 clubs of the First Division. The underlying idea was to allow these clubs to negotiate their own media and television contracts, thus increasing their revenue. The Premiership has become the world’s most lucrative and most watched league, ranked ahead of Italy’s Serie A and the Spanish La Liga. In 16 seasons, only 4 teams have collected the Premiership title, with 2007-08 champions Manchester United the most successful, with 10 wins. Arsenal have been successful 3 times, Chelsea twice, with consecutive wins in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons, while Blackburn Rovers boast a single success, in 1994-95. You can get a Free £10 bet on the Premier League when you join Blue Square

Winning the Premiership

The Premiership Title odds market is inevitably dominated by the “Big 4″ clubs, namely Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. These teams are generally offered at short prices, with the remainder at odds of 3-figures and upwards. For example, with about one-third of the 2008-09 season played, Chelsea are ranked at odds-on, with Manchester United and Liverpool close behind in the win Premiership odds market. Arsenal, after a relatively slow start to the season, are considerably longer.

With so few viable contenders, there is little value to be found in the outright Premiership Title odds market, and bookmakers have to be inventive to generate punters’ interest in the win Premiership odds.

Win Premiership Odds w/o the Big 4
One of the Premiership Title odds bets that bookmakers have come up with is “Betting without the Big 4.” To collect on this bet, a punter must select a side that either finishes in the top 4 or finishes fifth behind the named clubs. Obviously, prices offered are far shorter than those in the outright win Premiership odds, though the chance of success is far greater without the top clubs. After a third of the 2008-09 season, Aston Villa trade at odds-on, followed by Manchester City, Everton and Tottenham.

Win Premiership Odds w/o Manchester United and Chelsea
Another Premiership bet is “Betting without Manchester United and Chelsea.” This bet is similar to the above, but to collect on this bet, a punter’s selection must either win the Premiership, finish second behind one of the named sides or third behind both the named sides. Currently, Bet365 and Blue Square offer this bet.

Prices on Liverpool and Arsenal generally represent little value, as they are the teams most likely to be involved in the “shake-up.” After a third of the 2008-09 season, Liverpool are long-odds on, with Arsenal next best. With the exception of Aston Villa, the remainder trade at 3-figure prices or longer. For punters fancying one of the lesser sides, there may be some value in this market, but prices generally reflect a side’s chances of finishing in thee top 3.

“Big 4″ Special Bets

Multiple Trophies
In order to stimulate punters’ interest in Premiership Title odds, several online layers (including Bet365 and Boylesports) offer special bets on the Big 4 clubs winning the Premiership along with one or more other trophies. Various permutations are offered, coupling win Premiership odds with the FA Cup, Carling Cup and Champions’ League.


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