An Introduction to Sports Spread Betting

by Bet123 on November 8, 2007

Sports spread betting provides you with the ultimate thrill and challenges your skill, judgement and knowledge of sport. The concept really is quite simple. A spread betting bookmaker such as Sporting Index make predictions on various aspects of sporting or topical events. You then decide whether that prediction has been pitched too high, or too low.

What is the spread?

You will notice when you look at the predictions that they are presented in the form of two prices. This is a range known as the “spread” and you bet low (also known as a “sell”) at the first names price and if you wish to bet high (also known as a “Buy”) you would do so at the second price.

If someone asked you to guess their age, you might say “somewhere between 35 and 38 years old”. In the same way, when the spread betting bookmakers make a prediction, they allow a range. If you were betting on this prediction you would bet low at 35 years or bet high at 38 years.

What do I win or lose?

What you win or lose depends on the stake size you choose and how right or wrong you are.

Sporting Index may predict that the first goal in a match between Chelsea and Liverpool will be scored in the 57th minute, and therefore set a spread of 56-58 minutes. One client who believes there will be an earlier goal goes low at 56 minutes, whilst another who thinks that it will be a game for the defences will bet high at 58 minutes.

If the first goal is scored in the 46th minute, the client who went low at 56 minutes wins 10 times his stake (56 minutes take away 46 minutes = 10), whilst the client who went high at 58 minutes loses 12 times his stake.

To open a spread betting account, just go to Sporting Index today. Please remember that with spread betting you may lose much more than your original stake.

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