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by Sarah Connolly on October 30, 2008

TemplegateEvery daily or Sunday newspaper has one or more in-house horse racing correspondents, who provide tips for every race on a day’s racing programme. The majority of newspaper tipsters highlight their best three selections for the day using the term “nap” for the day’s best bet, “NB” (next best) for the day’s second-best bet and “treble” for the third best. Analysis of the numerous newspaper tipsters’ performance can be found at racingpost.co.uk.

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The Sun newspaper’s award-winning tipster Templegate is Ulsterman Phil Logan, originally hailing from West Belfast. His most memorable tipping achievement occurred on 10th March 2007. Templegate selected all seven winners at Sandown at prices of 6/1, 7/2, 11/4, 2/11, 5/1 and 4/5, giving cumulative odds of 14322/1. Templegate’s magnificent feat was a cause for great celebration by Welshman Archie Evans, who collected over £695k for a single £2 line on the Tote Scoop 6. The 59 year-old surveyor, from Newport in South Wales, a great Templegate fan, included four of Phil Logan’s selections in his winning bet.

Analysis of Tipsters’ Performance

The Racing Post Naps Table provides an analysis of all the tipsters’ “best” selections. The number of winners, losers and non-runners selected by each is given, along with details of longest winning and losing sequences. The Naps Table also gives the monthly and seasonal profit / loss achieved by staking £1 on each nap.

The Racing Post Press Challenge is perhaps a better guide to tipsters’ overall performance. Competitors begin with a theoretical bank of £1,000, from which £1 is staked at starting prices on all a tipster’s selections. The ratio of wins to tips, strike rate, percentage of favourites selected and monthly / yearly profit or loss are all included.

“Tipster Analysis” is an excellent feature of the Racing Post site. It allows a breakdown of a tipster’s selections into Flat or National Hunt, type of race and the profits or losses achieved in each category.

Templegate – 2008 Performance

For the 2008 season, as of 29th October, the Racing Post Naps table shows Templegate in 16th position (of 52) with 55 winners, 149 losers and 15 non-runners. £1 staked on each nap shows a loss of £20.08. His longest sequence of winning naps is 4, with a longest losing sequence of 14. The Racing Post Press Challenge shows Phil Logan to have tipped 1930 winners from 7588 selections, representing a strike rate of 25%. However, 48% of these tips have been favourites, resulting in a loss of £30.31 for 2008. Individual analysis of Templegate’s selections was not available, but analysis of all the Sun newspaper’s racing tipsters gave some interesting results.

The 2008 Flat season to date shows a loss of £606, with losses in all race types. 2 year-old races have produced 271 wins from 948 selections (28%) for a loss of £33.36. 3 year-old races gave 493 winners from 1899 tips (25%) for a loss of £222.45, while the biggest loss of £350.19 came in races for 4 year-olds+ with a strike rate of just 21% (497 wins from 2334 tips).

National Hunt (jumps) tips for 2008 produce far better results, with a yearly profit of £39.09. Steeplechases show 122 wins from 409 selections (29%) yielding a profit of £41.56 to £1. A further 107 selections finished in the first three. Hurdle race tips have produced 172 winners from 592 runners (29%) for a small profit of £1.09. National Hunt flat races was the only category to show a loss, with 21 winners from 74 selections (28%) showing a small loss of £3.56.

These statistics are well worth bearing in mind when contemplating Templegate’s selections in the Sun. It is recommended that Flat race selections are ignored, with attention paid to tips for National Hunt racing. It is worth remembering that Phil Logan’s “Magnificent Seven” at Sandown in March 2007 (see above) came at a National Hunt meeting. Keeping an eye on the Racing Post stats will alert all punters to the performance of Templegate and all the other newspaper tipsters.

Image Credit: The Sun

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    Adam Lambert March 19, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    I cannot fathom how Phil Logan (Templegate) has still got a job at the Sun. Lets face it this bloke has to be one of the worst tipsters around!? I sometimes look at his ‘NAPS’ with complete incredulity. To me a NAP is a horse which is supposed to represent the best chance of winning at the quoted price for that days racing, and I just dont get it with his selections. A strike rate of 25% with roughly half of his selections being favourites is very poor. I actually think I get nearly the same strike rate by sticking a pin in the racing post…

    I just feel sorry for those punters who follow this charlatans tips in the Sun newspaper, ok he tipped across the card once, but hey the sun even shines on a dogs arse somedays.

    william gallagher May 21, 2009 at 3:15 am

    i have been a follower of templegate for a long time i must admit his naps are not much good but he does give some decent tips i am a tipster myself all my naps have won this week my nap for thursday is @ haydock 3:00 DANIELLA DE BRUIJN i have my own website but its a free domain website but i do make a little money from it i will match my naps against templegates and see who comes out the overall winner

    18/05/2009 KOO AND THE GANG won 9/4
    19/05/2009 DANCING JEST 2nd 9/2
    20/05/2009 LA PANTERA won 11/4
    21/05/2009 DANIELLA DE BRUIJN not run yet

    Bet123 May 21, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Great stuff William, let us know how you get on!

    Universal Betting Systems October 13, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Tips suggested in the post are really interesting and helpful.

    I have some more tips and ideas for horse racing betting.

    Frank Wood November 9, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    Hi There.
    I am wondering why Phil is not tipping as Templegate on a saturday any more. Where has he gone? Please advise as I used to follow his tips every saturday. Has he left the Sun or what? If so where can I find him. Has he got his own website?
    Hoping for a reply. Kind Regards.
    Frank Wood.

    beaumont December 4, 2010 at 12:23 am

    who is the bottom of national naps league for 2010-2011 season oh dear its TEMPLEGATE OF THE SUN

    Tony May 23, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    I Follow Templegate i find him to be the best tipster out of all tipsters in the national papers.

    Does he really not tip on saturdays? So who is templegate on Saturdays then??

    d. bettles. June 8, 2011 at 1:36 am

    templegate the bokmakers friend , he couldent tip his hat . he only had one winner out of his best three yesterday, that was 1-8 great acheivment. Instead of trying to tip for the sun he should be on a corner somewhere selling the paper.

    Frank Wood. September 7, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    I do not know about anyone elses thoughts on TEMPLEGATE but Steve Jones the current one is not as good as Phil Logan. I at least had many a good win from Phil. nothing from Steve. Where has Phil gone now? Anybody know.?

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