BBC Sport Horse Racing Results

by Bet123 on March 22, 2010

bbc sport horse racing resultsGet The Latest Winners and Losers with BBC Sport Horse Racing Results

You can’t get to the track and you’re dying to know how the big race turned out. You can discreetly discover all of the results for the UK and Ireland by clicking on BBC Sport Horse Racing UK/Ireland Results page. There are not a lot of graphics, so the page downloads quickly. From a distance, it looks as if you’re scanning business news. If you prefer to know the winners before the race, then you should get yourself some free horse racing tips.

Menu Options

The quickest way to find your particular race is to first click on the date. BBC Sport Horse Racing results page keeps its default setting on the latest results it receives. After finding your date, scroll down to the track where your race is. The tracks are listed alphabetically.

If your race isn’t in the UK or Ireland, you can go the menu on the far left and click on ‘World Results’. If you aren’t sure what tracks are running in the near future, click on ‘Calendar.’ The tracks are colour-coded to let you know if they are on the flat, over the jumps or evening races or races run overseas.

Essential Information

BBC Sport Horse Racing page only lists the first two finishers of each race, their jockeys’ last names and their prices. Sometimes they will list the first three finishers, but don’t bank on it. Usually, the number of winners is determined by the number of “places” paid by bookmakers which varies from one bookie to the next but is pretty much determined by the number of runners in any race. Underneath the finishers is a list of the non-runners or withdrawn horses, the winning distances between the first, second and third horses over the line; the full name of the winner’s trainer.

Below that are the prices (only the SP, or starting price is listed, despite the fact that higher odds might have been available previously). The first listed is what the Tote paid for the winner. The next is usually an exacta and then the swinger bets. It’s only after the last race that the special bets that the track had, such as a Placepot, are listed.

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