In-Play Betting – the art of betting during an event

rayIn-Play Betting or as some people call it In-Running Betting is placing a bet on a fixture that is already underway.  In-Play Betting is available from a number of Bookmakers online, some of which we will talk about later.

With In-Play Betting, the bookmakers are constantly updating the odds dynamically dependent on the game/race.  Betting on events live, has come about as these events are all broadcast live on TV and over the internet, so punters can follow the game and make their predictions based on the performances of their selections.  Take a football match for example, if you notice a team is struggling to keep their opponents out of their end, you can place an in-play bet for the better team, it’s that simple.

These days most Bookmakers offer in-play/in-running betting, and indeed several have made in-play their USP, which you can’t fail to have noticed if you’ve seen any half-time TV ads in the last few years (“Alright Ray?”)!

In-Play Betting can be exciting and is certainly fast paced, as the odds are updated constantly throughout the event.  The way in which you place an in running or in play bet is the same as normal for each bookmaker.  To find out which events are available for betting in play, consult the individual bookmaker, some bookmakers also have a live feed of the event which punters can watch when placing a qualifying bet.

In Play/In Running betting isn’t only reserved to the online bookmakers, the Spread Betting sites are also in on the play.  This can mean that it’s even more exhilarating playing against other punters, and with up to 20% better odds on offer, can be advantageous. 

With spread betting sites, the placing of bets is the same as normal, except there is a short delay, which allows for the bets to be cancelled if a dramatic turn of events unfolds during the play.

Betting in play is fun, and if you’re following a particular game or race, could be well worth placing a bet particularly if you do it before the odds are changed. The one thing to bear in mind when betting in-play is that there is usually a delay of 10 to 15 seconds when placing your bet to prevent those taking advantage of TV screening delays etc.