Guide to Totesport’s new BetXtra Markets

TotesportThose of you who regularly use Totesport for your betting will have spotted some new markets available to bet on.  For those of you who don’t use Totesport, here’s a simple guide, and perhaps a reason to try it.

The new BetXtra markets now available at Totesport really provide you with more options (somewhat akin to the spreadbettors) for your bet.  The new options extend those that are already common place for most online bookmakers, let’s take a look at each one in turn.

Win Only
This is number one of three that you will already be familiar with.  The Win Only option, is where you bet on a selection to win.  No other result will do for you.

Place Only
For this market, you are betting on your horse coming first or second only.  A great bet if you’rs keen on a horse, but just a bit unsure whether it will make the grade.

Show Only
This is basically the place part of an each way bet.  Your horse must come in first, second, third or in some races there’s a payout on 4th place.  All your money goes towards the Show Only bet, not some on win as in the Each Way bet.

Betting without the Favourite
This is a ‘To Win’ bet, ignoring whether the favourite wins.  So if your horse comes first, or second to the favourite you win!

Three Way Match Betting
Available only until the first race, you simply have a choice of 3 horses, and you have to pick the one who will finish in the best position.

If you are new to Totesport, then take alook around their site, it is easy to navigate, easy to bet and with these new BetXtra markets, a bit more fun.  Plus all new accounts will get a free matched bet of up to £25.  Another good reason to try out the new Totesport BetXtra bets.

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