Betting on the Internet


There are three easy steps to betting on the Internet:

  1. Open an account
  2. Check the odds
  3. Place your bet

Let’s start appropriately enough with:


We recommend you open an account with a few bookmakers to ensure you always get the best odds possible. As you will see in Step Two, bookmakers odds vary greatly, and you should take advantage of this by having a few accounts to hand. Here are the ones we recommend:

content clip image001 Betting on the Internet

Blue Square

Free £25 Bet

Owned by Rank Group PLC, we recommend Blue Square – Their prices are almost always one of the best available, and the site is so easy to use.

How to open an account with Blue Square

Go to Blue Square homepage.

Click on “Register Now” as seen in the following picture:

content clip image002 Betting on the Internet


Next, enter your personal details:

content clip image002 0000 Betting on the Internet


Then, enter a username and password, followed by your credit or debit card details. You can be sure that your details are secure, as you will see a small padlock in your browser bar. Once you have entered these details, click “Create my account”:


content clip image002 0001 Betting on the Internet


That’s it – your account has been created, and you are ready to place your first bet. Now proceed to Step Two, and check you’re getting the best odds.


The odds that are offered to you by the different bookmakers vary greatly, which is why we recommend you open a few different accounts, and not just place all bets with the same bookie. Click here to see the bookmakers we recommend.

To check which bookmaker is currently offering the best odds possible on each market, it is easier to use an online checking service – We recommend Searchum Odds, which is a free service, and can be found at HINT: Click on “Add to favourites” when you get there and you won’t have to remember the address.

Once the page has loaded, you can either click on the sport you wish to bet on from the left-hand menu, or search for a specific event/match/etc in the search box shown below:

content clip image002 0002 Betting on the Internet

So a search for “6 Nations” gives us 1 matching result which we can click on:


content clip image002 0003 Betting on the Internet


This now brings up all the available markets that we can bet on this event (Outright winner, outcome of each match, highest scorers etc). Click on one of them to bring up the odds:

content clip image002 0004 Betting on the Internet



You will then see the following screen, showing you the best odds available for each possible outcome. As you will see from this screenshot, no one bookmaker offers the best odds for more than one outcome, so who you bet with depends on who you’re betting on!

content clip image002 0005 Betting on the Internet


Now you’ve located the best odds available, it’s time to proceed to Step Three – Placing your bet.


From the “best odds” screen on Searchum Odds, click on “BET” next to the outcome you wish to bet on:


content clip image002 0006 Betting on the Internet


This will then take you to the relevant page on the bookmakers site, where you can place your bet. Simply enter the amount you wish to stake in the box shown, and then you will automatically see the potential return shown below. Once you are happy, enter your account number and password, and click on “Login and Place Bet”

content clip image001 0003 Betting on the Internet

And that’s all there is to it – You’ve just placed a bet, knowing you’ve got the best odds available – all that remains to do is hope that you’ve backed a winner – And on this front, all we can do is wish you good luck!

If however, you’d like an advantage when betting, then you could look at our Free Lottery Arbitrage system or get some Free Horse Racing tips.