How to Place a Bet Online


This is just a brief introduction to the basics of betting, including some important terms you will need to know in order to bet.

Remember having a flutter should be fun, whether you spend 5 minutes looking for the name of the horse you like, or you enjoy looking through the horse details in depth, trying to find out all you can about it’s ability, enjoy it.

Sometimes the chance of winning is really down to luck, so your favourite colour might be the winning factor.


When you come to place a bet, you need to decide how much you would like to bet. This amount is referred to as the stake. The stake can usually be as much or as little as you like, though at some bookmakers there is a minimum you can bet.


Bookmakers spend a fortune trying to work out which horse is most likely to win, then working out how much they are likely to win over the other horsesthus giving the odds. The odds therefore are the percieved ability of each horse to win. The more chance of the horse winning, then the lower the odds, if there’s not much chance of the horse winning, then the odds will be higher.

Odds are often expressed as a fraction, for example:


in this example the odds are quite low, so we would presume that the horse is a favourite (the one which the bookies think will win). The numbers relate to the chance of winning over your stake.

There are 3 terms which you will hear, Odds against, Odds on and Evens. These relate to the Odds themselves.

Odds Against – the odds are against you, you will get back less than double what you put on the horse.

Evens – You will get back double what you put on the horse.

Odds On – The odds are on your side. You will get back more than double what you bet, should your horse win.



The amount paid back to you when you win is often called Returns. You can calculate your possible returns from the odds of your horse. Remember that you will always get your stake back if your horse wins.

In the example above where the horse’s odds were 2/1, you can deduce that if your horse won, you would get back 2 for every 1 you bet. So if you bet £5 on the horse to win, you would get back 2x£5 plus your stake.