Accumulator Betting Explained

accaWhat is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator or parlay bet is a single bet which is linked on a number of other wagers, and the outcome is dependent on all the wagers winning.

Odds for the accumulator are higher than those in a single bet, however are below that of the true odds.

The accumulator does present punters with a way of striking it rich with a relatively low stake, however the chances of all your selections winning are obviously slimmer than the individual races. Ladbrokes have a nifty “Bet Calculator” to help you work out your possible profit on an accumulator bet. It can be found under the “help” section of the left hand menu.

How it Works:
You need to choose the winners for a selection of races/events.  Then choose your initial stake, say for example £1.  This £1 is placed on your selection for the first race, to win.  If this wins, then the winnings are placed on the next selection to win.  Then the winnings are then placed on you third selection and so on.

The disadvantages of this obviously is that your final race could have a large stake placed on it, and your selection doesn’t win, then you have lost all those winnings, but don’t forget, you have only lost that original £1 that you started with.  Although on the day, you will feel like you have lost a great deal more.

This is also an advantage, as I guess if you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t place a bet for £1000 on the outcome of a single race, so the accumulator maintains the discipline required to win the large pot.

Is it worth the risk?
Well there’s two trains of thought I guess you could follow, and that’s you need to speculate to accumulate, and in theory, you really are only speculating a small stake of ‘real’ money.  This however, you should challenge with, the returns are so great, because an overall win is so unlikely, especially with horse racing accumulators.  Most serious gamblers wouldn’t touch an accumulator bet with a barge pole, there’s just too much risk.

Types of Accumulators:
There are a number of different accumulators, based on the number of selections.

Double: A double is a single bet placed on 2 different selections to win.  Both selections must win for the bet to be successful.

Treble: This is a single bet placed on 3 different selections, each of these need to win for the bet to be successful

Fourfold Accumulator: This is a single bet placed on 4 different selections.  All 4 of the selections must win for you to be successful and have any winnings.

Fivefold Accumulator: This is a single bet placed on 5 selections, all of which must win for a return.

Sixfold Accumulator: This is a single bet placed on 6 selections, remember all of your winnings are placed on the subsequent selections, therefore all 6 selections must win for you to get any winnings.

Sevenfold Accumulator: This single bet is placed on 7 selections, like the others all of the selections must win to get the pot.

Remember with an accumulator, all of your selections must win for you to receive any return.

In my next article, I will look at some different forms of multibetting.