Black hearts in Baku

June 11, 2015

The authorities arrested dozens of political activists on bogus charges, imprisoned critical journalists, broke up several peaceful public demonstrations, and adopted legislation that further restricted fundamental freedoms. This crackdown was the backdrop for the October 2013 presidential election, in which the incumbent President was re-elected for a third term with 84.5 percent of the vote.   The above is from a Human Rights Watch article published in early 2014 on […]

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Know your audience

May 5, 2015

There is a famous old line from the world of football, used by referees to put idiotic players in their place, as a response to ‘bloody hell ref, have you ever even played football before?’. The intelligent official snaps back ‘not as badly as you are son’, and the tension is released, replaced by Carl Jenkinson’s favourite pastime, banter, but the initial question is actually a sign of the most […]

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BBC: News today, more tomorrow

April 24, 2015

On the 30th of April, 1930, the slot normally occupied by the BBC News programme was instead filled with some light piano music after the corporation announced there was ‘no news’ for today, but since then something remarkable has always happened, and there has always been news. It is perhaps more accurate to say something remarkable has happened every day, because it is rare that the programme ever runs over […]

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Sex sells, does gender?

April 22, 2015

We know that sex sells, the fact was established long before the poster of the tennis girl or the bloke and the baby, but sometimes it is not the promise of sex, or even possibility of that gets people excited as much as just the variety itself. We must all have been in that situation at least once, where looking around the room reveals it is entirely a male, or […]

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Speak no evil

April 4, 2015

The culture of punditry in the United Kingdom today is broken, and nothing epitomises that more than the post-match analysis BT Sport offered following Arsenal’s destruction of Liverpool at the Emirates this Sunday lunchtime. Jake Humphrey sat chairing a meeting of minds, although that’s probably an overstatement in any group containing both Ian Wright and Harry ‘words is difficult’ Redknapp, as well as Steve McManaman, and in the space of […]

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Lessons from the Superbowl

February 2, 2015

Last night there was a bit of a game over in that America they have these days, featuring Seahawks, Sharks and Patriots, although to be honest the day you go to the states and don’t see the latter you’re either very lucky or very much in a remote area, and likely to be eaten by bears. The NFL Final is feted as one of the larger televisual events in the […]

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