December 14, 2014

We’re approaching that time of the year when the BBC Sport department has a look down the back of the sofa and shakes Gary Lineker to see if there is any spare change behind his ears as they seek to make the Sports Personality of the Year ceremony as plush and expansive as is humanly possible. The point about the difference between the winners and people with personality has been […]

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Common interests

July 24, 2014

Ah, the summer of sporting wonder is still going, and to the delight of many it has come all the way across the channel and made its way up to Glasgow in Scotland, where the Commonwealth Games are currently being held. Well, when we say ‘to the delight of many’ that may be a slight exaggeration, as a lot of people weren’t even aware the games are on and some […]

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BT Sport: Annual review

July 20, 2014

There have been many attempts to break the Sky dominance of English football down the years, from Setanta’s oddly-themed coverage to the gamble that almost cost ITV their survival as a company, and after a year of BT Sport the time seems right to sum up and settle on how they have fared. Of course the football is the focus for any digital sport enterprise in the UK, but BT […]

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David Coleman: Not forgotten

December 21, 2013

Spare a thought this weekend, as you endure the piercing drone of Jonathan Pearce or the hyperbolic revisionism of Guy Mowbray, for the family of David Coleman, who passed away today at the age of 87 after a ‘short illness’. There is no doubt that a man as beloved as Coleman was in his professional life will be missed hugely by those who were privileged enough to know him on […]

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SPOTY 2013: Here we go again…

November 26, 2013

I don’t know about you, but right now there is something a little disconcerting about a large number of BBC employees being in one place, something that is basically inevitable as the average BBC presenter travels with a retinue slightly larger than that of Alexander the Great. Of course there is not a hint of an accusation or even suggestion that the evil of the likes of Jimmy Savile or […]

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Masterful Marquez

November 10, 2013

Today was a bittersweet moment for some of the fans of MotoGP in the UK, particularly those without access to the frankly peerless world of sport that is Sky as the season culminated in a wonderful race full of drama and skill, presented by a team of people who are not only at the top of their game and as good as anyone at the BBC but who also were […]

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