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Men’s Australian Open: week 2

January 25, 2015

Every year, the tennis world gets together and compares six-packs at the end of the winter break in Melbourne, and as they swap stories of coaches sacked, supercars bought or maybe just sponsorships got if it wasn’t a great year last time out, and along the way a bit of tennis happens too. The first major of the year can tell you a lot about the condition of the players […]

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Australian Open: women’s draw odds

January 23, 2015

Before anyone employed by Australian TV or the Australian Open corrects us, we know that women aren’t supposed to be taken seriously as tennis players and that they’re better off just showing us the pretty outfits they picked out for a giggle around Melbourne Park, but just for a laugh let’s pretend Ian Cohen is a backward, sexist moron rather than a professional sports presenter or someone who should be […]

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2015: Year of Murray?

January 7, 2015

Like the rest of the working world, tennis likes to take a little break toward the end of the year in terms of competition, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re sat around eating turkey and enjoying the sort of relaxation we all are. The off-season has become an intensive time for training and research these days, with the only way to keep pace with the top player […]

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ATP Tour Finals

November 11, 2014

It’s no major, but the sheer amount of money on offer at the ATP World Tour Finals in London means that this has fast become one of the biggest events in world tennis, and a real priority for almost everyone on the circuit to qualify for, and then try and win. Admittedly Rafa Nadal has chosen to go away and lose a bit of weight rather than play, specifically in […]

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US Open final: A rare occurrence

September 8, 2014

There is a rare and interesting occurrence scheduled for later this evening in the great big US of A, where a major final will go down without one of the 4 major talents of this generation being involved, and for some tennis writers the chance to write about the revolution is long overdue. ‘End of an era’-style articles are already more common than the celebs on Celebrity Big Brother in […]

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US Open: women’s final four

September 3, 2014

There is sometimes a sense at the US and Australian Opens that the men’s competition is a bit predictable up until the semi-final stage, and that the reverse is true when it comes to the women’s game. Somebody joked recently that ‘three Eastern Europeans and Serena Williams’ is the best you could manage for a prediction, and although that is an exaggeration of the truth it also contains a degree […]

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