Stephen Lee: The rot

September 16, 2013

Regular readers will be aware that here at Bet123 we aren’t hugely enamoured with the direction snooker has taken over recent years, and unfortunately the former sport of gentlemen (that went out of the window when Alex Higgins came through the door) was back in the sporting news this week, and once again not for the right reasons. It seems that John Higgins is just about able to blag his way out of match-fixing charges, such is the cheekiness of his grin and talent in his cue-arm, but one of the more classically-shaped players has not found himself so luck […]

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Snooker World Championships

May 2, 2013

World snooker is a changeable game at the moment, with dissent from the players and a dearth of dominant talent at the top, but this weekend there will be a small slice of nostalgia for a lot of fans with Ronnie O’Sullivan looking to defend his World Championship crown. As per usual, O’Sullivan has been forthright in the press about his feelings for the game, saying he returned for a paycheque rather than any desire to be involved at this level, but whatever his motivation it is clear the Rocket is still as good as anyone when in form, and […]

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Snooker: The Masters

January 17, 2013

Snooker isn’t making headlines for all the right reasons at present, with players appearing more than a little unhappy with the direction the sport is taking under Barry Hearn, but this week has seen BBC schedules filled once again with the baize and balls in the form of the 2013 Masters. Although there have been a lot of changes to how the game is run, it is interesting to note that the same names have remained at the top of the world game for the last few years, and that those complaining about the new regime haven’t managed to raise […]

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Snooker: Dead or dying…

December 8, 2012

So, one of those snooker players (the lesbian one, I think) was talking this week about how nobody wants to watch it anymore because Ronnie O’Sullivan and the spotty Scotch egg weren’t about anymore, and she had a point. I mean, I got back from the pub this Thursday a bit early for the school run (just got a new 4×4, so I thought I’d have a few pints and test the little beaut out picking up young Jordan and Ashley from primary school) and settled down in front of the telly, and what do you know, there’s a bit […]

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World Snooker Final tips

May 6, 2012

Ali ‘the Captain’ Carter and Ronnie ‘the Rocket’ O’Sullivan are two of the biggest names in a sport that just loves to give out ridiculous ‘stage-nickname’ style monikers, and it is a source of great comfort to the fans watching their match that they won’t be introduced by the excitable MC more than once a session. A lot of noise has surrounded this final and the two men in it, but as the first session gets underway we can finally settle down and enjoy the action.   There are a lot of decent in-play markets for this sport, as you’d […]

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World Championship Snooker Update

April 30, 2012

The first week of a tournament is famously where nothing can be won, but everything can be lost, and for a few men that proved to be true of the Crucible last week. In particular John Higgins, for so long the standard of class and excellence accepted in the snooker world (despite clearly taking a bung on video recently), who crashed out to the revived Ronnie O’Sullivan is more aware than any of that.   In fairness to Higgins the tour is much harder than it was when he started playing, and I’m sure his legal defence wasn’t cheap, and […]

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