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Do it right, Mike, or the story of Sam Burgess becoming an English hero

October 30, 2014

Learning from the mistakes of others is often talked about as being a sign of maturity in the wider world, and if that is the case then Mike Ford of Bath still has some serious growing up to do. The former England defence coach has fallen somewhat fortuitously into the head coach position at Bath after a decade or more floating about in roles like Saracens coach and Lions midweek […]

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Autumn Test time

October 27, 2014

It’s getting to that time of the year when the big nations in Rugby Union step up to their respective plates and teach the world of football exactly what a ‘friendly’ should be in international sport. While the matches that have no direct effect on the qualification groups in the World Cup in football normally go off with a whimper, these autumn internationals should be some of the most explosive […]

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Rugby League: 4 Nations

October 26, 2014

While we wait on the action next summer, and the Rugby Union World Cup coming to the UK there is some scintillating stuff going on down under in the game which seems to mould some of England’s best players in either code, as Sam Burgess is set to prove. Last night saw the opening salvos fired in the Rugby League Four Nations with England scraping a win over Samoa before […]

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Super League Grand Final review

October 12, 2014

If you were looking for sporting truisms, you’d have to admit that some are as unarguable as Vladimir Putin’s concept of democracy or the inherent contradiction in the name of the English Defence League, while others are based in nothing but ignorance and sheepish nostalgia. The old adage about football and rugby being for thugs and gents went out the window a long time ago, while money talking in F1 […]

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Come on Kurtley, sort it out!

October 9, 2014

Sport loves those cases of the players that are suffused with rare and wonderful talent on the pitch, but who are utterly incapable of living a normal and productive life off it to an extent that often impacts on their playing careers. Some, like Diego Maradona and Garrincha manage to have great success despite their demons, but so often the case is that a special player has their career cut […]

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RWC2015: who will win?

September 30, 2014

With the ballots for tickets closing this week the hype around the Rugby World Cup 2015 is slowly building now and it seems like the English public are ready to take all the competition has to offer with demand high and almost every game likely to be oversold in terms of pure demand. The players in this drama make up a varied cast, from experienced warriors to explosive madmen and […]

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