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The 2015 Rugby Championship

July 17, 2015
NZ captain Richie McCaw

With all the sport we enjoy in this modern, multimedia era it can be easy to miss the start of an event, especially if that event takes place in a different time zone than you live in. this writer is ashamed to say that the start of the Rugby Championship fell into that category today, as the win for New Zealand over Argentina went a tiny bit unnoticed in the […]

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Victim X: Jack Grealish

June 16, 2015

There is this kid, right? He’s young, he’s a bit Irish and a bit English, and for his age he certainly does alright financially. So, he books a holiday to a European holiday hotspot, invites a few friends, and generally has a good time. He might get a bit drunk, but that’s practically the purpose of the holiday (and some would say his youth), but due to his position in […]

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Champions League, you’re having a laugh

April 14, 2015

They used to mock Tottenham fans around North London by chanting the same old thing at them, “Thursday night, channel 5”, and even when the Europa League had migrated from the fifth channel to ITV4, or ‘the home of budget sporting action’ as it is otherwise known that mockery persisted. Likewise Liverpool fans would have probably offered the same if Everton had made it into that tier of competition, but […]

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Messi: A god amongst men

March 9, 2015

There was a remarkable infographic posted on an otherwise unremarkable football forum this week showing just how much of a mockery Lionel Messi is making of the history off football, and in particular attacking play in the past as he decimates any and every record going in Spanish and European football. Alongside meaningless records relating to ‘el Clasico’, which is quickly becoming the most tediously over-branded single match on earth […]

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Liverpool @ Bolton: shock time?

February 4, 2015

The FA Cup replays we’ve had so far haven’t gone that much away from the predicted form really, with Cambridge seeing their bonfire doused in Red Devil urine last night while Sunderland flexed on Fulham and the Preston vs Sheffield Utd game went to North End, but this evening we’ve got a slim chance of a real shock as Liverpool travel to the Reebok stadium for what used to be […]

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Capital One Cup: Four left

January 21, 2015

We’re down to four now in the Capital One Cup, and the mix of teams left in the competition ahead of the second semi-final this evening gives us the full range of archetypes fighting for our entertainment. Sheffield United might be as popular as Iain Moody at a Hindu wedding in most circles, but their inclusion means we’ve got an underdog, a couple of faded beauties and a financial colossus […]

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