Betting on football matches adds an extra spice and edge to the game- A boring 0-0 draw becomes a masterful tactical showdown when you’ve got £10 riding on it! You can bet on anything, from who will win the Premier League and who will be the top goalscorer in the Champions League, to the number of corners or yellow cards in a Tuesday night League Two match.

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Not so Fab now

August 17, 2015

Today there is a piece on the BBC website ‘written’ by the former Newcastle and England striker Alan Shearer, who seeks to highlight some of the weaknesses in the 2015/16 edition of Chelsea football club, and this time around the problems in midfield. Of course, there are many things that annoyed Shearer about that match, as anyone who endured Match of the Day 2 will know, not least of which […]

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City v Chelsea 2015: part 1

August 15, 2015

The first super-mega match of the year is upon us, and the first thing we should say about it is that money really does make the world go around. For years City were a well-supported club with little to show for their amazing fans, while Chelsea were, in fairness, a grotty, NF infested London team, but since the pouring of millions of oil dollars into their coffers began all that […]

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The king of Chelsea

August 14, 2015

It’s a real shame that in the week where Stoke City have thrilled their fans to the point of near-explosion, we’re still talking about a petulant greying translator who lives in the ‘tractor’ part of London, but people from Chelsea and Kensington can famously be quite self-absorbed, and the subject of this article fits in well to that. After seeing the team he selected, bought and trained only manage a […]

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Enter Shaqiri!

August 11, 2015

There have been some really interesting signings this summer in the Premier League, amongst them Raheem Sterling, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Roberto Firmino, but maybe the most fascinating of all went through today as Stoke City completed the signing of Xherdan Shaqiri for a fee in the region of £15m. The Swiss winger had been linked with the club all summer, and after it initially looked as though he’d turn them […]

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Euro-slagged off

August 10, 2015

“I expect Kevin to stay. With all due respect for Manchester City, it would be different if Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich made a move” Dieter Hecking, 2015, Kicker Magazine   The above is a statement released a couple of days ago by VFL Wolfsburg manager Dieter Hecking, as you’ve probably already worked out, and it is also indicative of a trend in modern football that is a sad […]

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Premier League Season Opener

August 7, 2015

The Barclays Premier League kicks off again in spectacular fashion this weekend with football fans clamouring for the first full round of fixtures since the end of the previous season in May, which saw champions Chelsea lift the trophy after a routine win against Sunderland at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea were by far the best team in the league last year and go into the new season as favourites to retain […]

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