IPL 2014 Preview

April 16, 2014

In some ways the Indian Premier League has been a massive success since bursting onto the scene like a sub-continental fireball and changing the bank balances of some top players forever, but as the competition enters a seventh year some of the pressures of the modern game are coming to tell upon it. Injuries to key players is something that was never going to be avoidable, but the spectre of match- and spot-fixing has reared its ugly head of late, and it seems like the lure of the filthy lucre is still too much even with the giant salaries many […]

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T20 World Cup: Climax

April 3, 2014

Whether it was the work of God or the wonderfully named Lahiru Thirimanne doesn’t matter, in the end Sri Lanka have made it into yet another short-format cricket final after their match with the West Indies fell victim to the Bangladeshi rain. Duckworth/Lewis victories are never quite as satisfying as the real thing, being as they are built on mathematical formulas that are not entirely related to Twenty20 Cricket or the modern game, but there is no doubt the Sri Lankans are very good when it comes to one-day or T20, and many people had them as favourites before the […]

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World T20 Preview

March 24, 2014

The World Twenty20 Championship for 2014 has finally arrived, and with not a huge amount of fanfare on these shores considering the size of the competition. This may be down to the English public being pure of heart and mind when it comes to the art of willow and leather, or possibly for the more mundane reason that home hopes are very much modest at this point and nobody wants to be remembered as the folks who shouted about backing a loser. Whatever the cause, the lack of attention has not extended worldwide, and most of the cricketing globe is […]

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Trott on, Trott off

March 17, 2014

Elite sport requires many different talents and skills, and most of those assets you need are transferable across many disciplines and areas. Whether you play tennis, compete in the Paralympics or hurl the arrows at Lakeside bravery is necessary to be a truly great competitor, and it is equally true to say that many of the great sporting leaders needs both the intelligence to assess a situation and the bravery to voice their assessment even if it initially seems harsh, or un-PC. There were a couple of people who might have looked unfavourably on Michael Vaughan, for example, when the […]

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Legends: Graeme Smith

March 5, 2014

As the furore surrounding one South African batsman and his removal from the England setup continues on into a second, undignified month there comes news from Africa that one of the true greats of our generation will be stepping down soon enough, and of his own volition. While Kevin Pietersen ended his England career without an ally in the camp and only ‘Cloudy’ Piers Morgan to support him in public the great South African captain Graeme Smith announced that he would be stepping down from international cricket with almost immediate effect, partly as a result of a troublesome ankle and […]

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KP Out

February 5, 2014

One of the truisms of modern football is that any big outlet is sure to repeat the most stupid, controversial or debatable points made, rather than those from informed or intelligent observers, and the BBC Sport website has to be at the soul and the centre of this practice. Today, and possibly this week the title of BBC Website Village Idiot went to a man we’ll call (for the sake of anonymity) George, from Facebook, who informed us all that the dismissal from the England setup of Kevin Pietersen was not down to anything KP had done, but the failings […]

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