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Champions League: Four left

April 22, 2014

With four teams left standing in the UEFA Champions League there is definitely a sense of three Goliaths and a David, even if the David is one of the most financially corrupt and evasive in Europe. Between Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Real Madrid there are the world’s two best-paid coaches, the two most expensive players of all time and a bevy of commercial giants in ‘partnership’ with this teams, and for Athletico Madrid there is every chance their semi-final meeting with Chelsea will be an opportunity for the Blues to scout which players they want to buy over the summer […]

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F1: He’s faster than you

April 21, 2014

One of the many issues BBC Sport and Sky TV have latched onto in recent years in a fairly desperate attempt to create the ‘clickbait’ articles the Daily Mail do so well is that of team orders in Formula 1, and the terrible injustice they can produce, or sometimes prevent. For a long time that discussion tended to centre around situations where a driver was clearly faster than their more illustrious colleague but still made to finish behind, normally by not-so subtle threats to their livelihood, but the last couple of seasons have seen a complete shift in the emphasis […]

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If you haven’t got anything nice to say…

April 20, 2014

It’s impossible to speak for everyone, but a good portion of the population will know what we mean when we say that there are moments you look back on and cringe, in your own personal memories at least. Things said in anger or some other passion can sound so awful in the cold light of your own head that you want to cram a fist down your throat to prevent it even thinking of embarrassing you so in future, but for a small section of the world this is apparently not an issue that ever troubles the mind. Some of […]

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Premier League pressure

April 19, 2014

There comes a time in every football scheduler’s life when he must put down his cuppa, be brave and declare that this shall be the Super Sunday. When the season was being planned and the potential winners and losers discussed it is possible the 19th-20th of April wasn’t high on the list of ‘big days’ for Sky TV and the like, but with the results in the league today this has become a fairly pivotal weekend, even more so when you consider Manchester City are set to catch up in terms of games played this Monday night, at home to […]

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F1: Shanghai

April 17, 2014

According to the top men at Ferrari this is a season where Mercedes have the Formula 1 title to lose, and with the rest of the field racing to catch up the circus arrives in China, and the Shanghai Grand Prix International Circuit. It’s already being a pretty poor season for Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull Racing team, and with just one win in ten years at Shanghai it doesn’t look like getting any better in the short term for the defending world champion and his ultra-successful team. Traditionally this is a track where Ferrari and McLaren have done […]

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IPL 2014 Preview

April 16, 2014

In some ways the Indian Premier League has been a massive success since bursting onto the scene like a sub-continental fireball and changing the bank balances of some top players forever, but as the competition enters a seventh year some of the pressures of the modern game are coming to tell upon it. Injuries to key players is something that was never going to be avoidable, but the spectre of match- and spot-fixing has reared its ugly head of late, and it seems like the lure of the filthy lucre is still too much even with the giant salaries many […]

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