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Frankel ridden by Tom Queally wins 25/9/2010
Let’s Be Frank, He’s Right Up There - Frankel will go down as one of the best horses we have ever seen in Flat racing and given the fact we are two years on from his final race – which was the QIPCO Champion Stakes at Ascot – we feel as though it’s time to look back on a quite incredible career.

Trained by the late, great Sir Henry Cecil, Frankel was the kind of horse that people felt privileged to watch and he was the kind of horse that people felt privileged to watch and he was unbeaten over 14 starts, something that we might not see again. We first saw him back in 2010 and it wasn’t a surprise to see him... Read on...

The Suarez incident: v3 - This isn’t the first time we’ve had to try and make sense of a bite from Luis Suarez here in the UK, or even here at Bet123 Towers for that matter, and the prevailing opinion around the world of sport psychology seems to be that there is a good chance it won’t be the last either, but if you know the history of the man and his teeth understanding why he’s done what he has gets harder each time.

The first instance of a bite in his career may have been in some ways justified, if not entirely as he was under attack from an opposition player stamping on his toes in an effort to injure him, but since then each incident of jaw locking has seemed less and less explicable, to the point where... Read on...

Silverstone and Tweety-pie - The term ‘home race’ is thrown around more liberally in Formula One than football fans and so on would expect, and in reality a large number of teams are based in fairly small part of the UK, a part that Top Gear likes to talk about from time to time, somewhere in some hills near where Jeremy Clarkson lives most likely, although not near enough to lower house prices for him or his influential neighbours.

As a result the Silverstone Grand Prix has become quite an important one for a lot of teams in an unofficial capacity, although there is one man looking to claim this not only as the most important race of his own season but also his proper home race, and that man is... Read on...

Recent Posts:

F1: safer in the know

September 21, 2014

It is only a week or so since the announcement was made by the FIA about ship-to-shore radio being seriously reduced in Formula 1, and since then we’ve had a degree of climbdown from those responsible for making the new regulations, as was expected. In some ways that is a reaction to the way the teams and fans rose as one to express their concern at a move that has […]

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Ol’ Big ‘Ed: how we’ve grown

September 21, 2014

Today was not the biggest day in the history of world sport, and as a result we saw slightly more than the usual amount of coverage for the ten-year anniversary of the death of Brian Clough. Death anniversaries in general are slightly spurious reasons to write stories, as are the ‘he would have be 50 today’ style things that you sometimes see in the world of music, but there is […]

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Next Newcastle manager

September 19, 2014

There are a few jobs going in the Championship at the moment, mainly as a result of managers being picked on their reputation elsewhere rather than any suitability for the task in hand, but the big headlines in the Premier League all surround a man currently still in his job that people are expecting to see sacked. Alan Pardew has run the full range at Newcastle United Football Club, from […]

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F1: Singapore 2014

September 18, 2014

Twelve months ago, give or take a couple of days the sporting media were leaving Singapore and polishing off their articles about the 2013 Grand Prix held there. The majority of headlines would have surrounded the dominance of Sebastian Vettel and his steady progress toward a fourth consecutive World Championship last year, but the narrative has changed dramatically this season and we’re in an even stronger holding pattern than with […]

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Liverpool: back with a whimper

September 17, 2014

After five years away from the Champions League group stages and a number of different faces in the boardroom and management positions Liverpool finally got themselves back last night and played in that competition once more, to mixed reviews. FPC Ludogorets are no Real Madrid, that comes later, but last night they looked way better than just some team from Bulgaria should at Anfield and really deserved to take at […]

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F1: the importance of ship-to-shore

September 15, 2014

Everyone knows that assumption is allegedly the mother of all screw-ups, and as harsh as it may sound, Mrs A must have birthed a good number of those running Formula 1 judging by the way that sport has gone in the last few years. First we had CVC and their vampyric draining of funds that has cost us a degree of competitiveness and some would argue a lot of safety, […]

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