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Frankel ridden by Tom Queally wins 25/9/2010
Let’s Be Frank, He’s Right Up There - Frankel will go down as one of the best horses we have ever seen in Flat racing and given the fact we are two years on from his final race – which was the QIPCO Champion Stakes at Ascot – we feel as though it’s time to look back on a quite incredible career.

Trained by the late, great Sir Henry Cecil, Frankel was the kind of horse that people felt privileged to watch and he was the kind of horse that people felt privileged to watch and he was unbeaten over 14 starts, something that we might not see again. We first saw him back in 2010 and it wasn’t a surprise to see him... Read on...

The Suarez incident: v3 - This isn’t the first time we’ve had to try and make sense of a bite from Luis Suarez here in the UK, or even here at Bet123 Towers for that matter, and the prevailing opinion around the world of sport psychology seems to be that there is a good chance it won’t be the last either, but if you know the history of the man and his teeth understanding why he’s done what he has gets harder each time.

The first instance of a bite in his career may have been in some ways justified, if not entirely as he was under attack from an opposition player stamping on his toes in an effort to injure him, but since then each incident of jaw locking has seemed less and less explicable, to the point where... Read on...

Silverstone and Tweety-pie - The term ‘home race’ is thrown around more liberally in Formula One than football fans and so on would expect, and in reality a large number of teams are based in fairly small part of the UK, a part that Top Gear likes to talk about from time to time, somewhere in some hills near where Jeremy Clarkson lives most likely, although not near enough to lower house prices for him or his influential neighbours.

As a result the Silverstone Grand Prix has become quite an important one for a lot of teams in an unofficial capacity, although there is one man looking to claim this not only as the most important race of his own season but also his proper home race, and that man is... Read on...

Recent Posts:

Stop, Diego!

October 29, 2014

If you really love the game of football, rather than being a casual or new fan then you’ll know that the question of who is the greatest player to ever have a kick-about is a lot more complex than most of the media would have you believe, but otherwise it comes down to four names. From today, we have Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who score goals at a rate […]

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Girls and boys

October 28, 2014

Equality is a wonderful concept and one that all people of the world should embrace, this we can all agree on, and if not you can bugger off to be honest, prejudice is not welcome at Bet123 in any way, shape or form and we love our readers for their progressive thinking as much as their loyalty, but it can only be applied at certain levels. In situations where you’re […]

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Autumn Test time

October 27, 2014

It’s getting to that time of the year when the big nations in Rugby Union step up to their respective plates and teach the world of football exactly what a ‘friendly’ should be in international sport. While the matches that have no direct effect on the qualification groups in the World Cup in football normally go off with a whimper, these autumn internationals should be some of the most explosive […]

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Rugby League: 4 Nations

October 26, 2014

While we wait on the action next summer, and the Rugby Union World Cup coming to the UK there is some scintillating stuff going on down under in the game which seems to mould some of England’s best players in either code, as Sam Burgess is set to prove. Last night saw the opening salvos fired in the Rugby League Four Nations with England scraping a win over Samoa before […]

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Real Madrid v Barcelona preview

October 25, 2014

While this match is one of the biggest in world football and attracting the attention of many European writers, the majority of Spanish fans are not overly bothered about the most expensive game in the world. There are many award winners and world-record transfer fees on the pitch for this game, and one resigned to watching from the stands but it may be that the nation as whole struggles to […]

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MotoGP: Sepang 2014

October 24, 2014

 While we will never truly forget the horrific death of Marco Simoncelli, each trip to Malaysia and the subsequent reflection on safety in the paddock that the reminder brings cannot be considered a bad thing and the legacy of the man will hopefully eventually match that of Ayrton Senna in Formula 1, even if Simoncelli never got to express himself on the track in quite the same way Senna did. […]

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