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The title of the sport is intended to indicate that it is the most highly developed form of competitive racing.
The first championship race was held at Silverstone in 1950, won by Giuseppe Farina of Italy. Farina won that year's first Formula One Drivers' Championship in his Alfa Romeo, by a narrow margin from his Argentinean teammate Juan Manuel Fangio. However, Fangio drove this Alfa Romeo 159 to the Championship the following year and won it again in 1954 to 1957 inclusive. The first British World Champion was Mike Hawthorn, who drove a Ferrari to the title in 1958. Britain soon became a dominant force in Formula One. The likes of Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill ensured that British teams and Commonwealth drivers won twelve world championships in the period 1962-73. In 1968, Lotus painted Imperial Tobacco advertising on their cars, introducing sponsorship to Formula One.

From the 1970s onwards, Bernie Ecclestone has been responsible for rearranging the commercial management of the sport. Ecclestone bought the Brabham team in 1971, thus joining the Formula One Constructors' Association (FOCA). In 1978, he became FOCA president. Formula One circuit owners had previously negotiated with each team individually. Ecclestone encouraged teams to negotiate as a group via FOCA. Formula One was offered as a complete "package deal." In return, the owners of motor racing circuits are required to set aside a large percentage of their trackside advertising. In 1979, the Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile (FISA) was formed. There have been numerous disagreements between the two organisations, mainly regarding income from television coverage

McLaren and Williams were the premier teams in the 1980s and 90s. They won sixteen championships each (McLaren seven constructors', nine drivers', Williams nine constructors', seven drivers'). The rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost became the centre of attention in 1988, continuing until Prost's retirement in 1993. Ayrton Senna was killed at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix after crashing into a wall. Ironically, he had "inherited" Prost's number one driver position at Williams for that season. Roland Ratzenberger was also killed during the Saturday qualifying session for the 1984 San Marino Grand Prix. The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) has since sought continually to improve the standards of safety in Formula One.

Since 1984, Formula One has been dominated by just four teams, with drivers from Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Williams winning every Drivers' Championship. German Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari team won an unparalleled five consecutive drivers' and six consecutive constructors' championships in the period 1999-2004. Schumacher set a number of records, including:

  • Most Grand Prix wins (91)
  • Most Wins in a Season (13 of 18)
  • Most Drivers' Championships (7)
Schumacher's reign ended in 2005 when Fernando Alonso (Renault) became Formula One's youngest champion. Alonso and Renault retained both titles the following season.

Betting on Formula One

Drivers' Championship
Online betting sites offer prices for a particular driver to win the Drivers' Championship. This sort of bet makes some appeal, as it provides a season-long interest for a single stake. Prices for the 2008 season are:

5/4 K. Raikkonen, 9/4 L. Hamilton, 4/1 F. Massa, 15/2 F. Alonso, 12/1 H Kovalainen, 25/1 BAR.

Each-way betting is available at 1/5 the odds a place 1, 2, 3.

Constructors' Championship
Additionally, online bettors offer prices on the Constructors' Championship, which may appeal for the same reason. Prices for the 2008 season are:
4/6 Ferrari, 7/4 Mclaren, 15/2 Renault, 16/1 BMW Sauber, 33/1 BAR.

Each-way betting is 1/3 the odds a place 1, 2.

Individual Races
As well as these season-long bets, online betting is available for individual Grand Prix. These include:

Winning Driver
Simply (?) predict the race-winning driver. Each-way terms are 1/5 the odds a place 1, 2, 3.

"In-running" Betting
Given that all Formula One events are televised, online betting is available on the outright result of the race, whilst it is in progress. Each-way terms vary, depending on the state of the race at the time. As any Grand Prix has its share of retirements (engine trouble, car damage, etc.) this type of bet has some appeal, as an interest can be maintained, even if your outright selection is out of the race.

Winning Constructor
Predict the race-winning constructor. No each-way betting available.

Highest Scoring Constructor
Constructors generally run two cars in each race. Online betting is available on the constructor that will score the most points. Win only.

Finish in Points
Along with outright prices to win the race, online betting sites offer prices on a particular drive to finish in the points, i.e. to finish in the first eight. Prices are generally about one-tenth of the outright race-winning price.

Match Bets
Online bettors also offer prices for one driver to beat another, regardless of the race result. Drivers with similar winning chances are usually matched against each other, with each priced at 10/11 or 5/6 to beat the other.

Fastest Lap in Race
Prices are offered on the driver achieving the fastest lap in the race. Win only

Along with betting opportunities for the race itself, online betting sites also offer prices for the previous day's qualifying session, such as which driver will achieve pole position on the grid.

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